6 Signs That Your SEO Isn’t Working

Do You Recognize These Early Signs That Your SEO Isn’t Working?

The time and money you put into developing and implementing an effective SEO marketing plan should produce great results. This should be recognized in the form of maximized site visitor and conversion rates. If you do not take the right approach, however, your online marketing strategy may fall flat. You can actively avoid these five common pitfalls to boost the success of your SEO marketing tactics. You then can make money blogging or selling your products and services.

6 signs your seo isnt working

Lack of Engaging Content

Readers want to view new and engaging content every time they visit your site and blog. The content should address the pain points of your target audience and offer solutions that will quickly resolve those issues. When you add informative and entertaining content on a weekly basis, your existing readers will visit often to learn more. The will even feel inspired to share the SEO posts through social media.

Insufficient Keyword Usage

Google utilizes keywords as a way to rank your webpages in search results. You must correctly place the right keywords into your content to boost your ranking and attract the attention of unique site visitors. The keywords need to match the search terms your target audience uses the most to find content relating to your industry. Since Google has changed its algorithm to penalize keyword stuffing, you want to aim for a density of approximately 1 percent.

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Omission of Strong Call to Action

To inspire your readers to move forward with their purchase or simply share your content, you must integrate a strong call to action into your articles, webpages and email marketing. You can work the call to action into your content or integrate the persuasive statement into your navigation buttons. A dual approach tends to work best, especially when aligned with statements that inspire a sense of urgency to take action. In most cases, you want to keep the call to action above the fold to prevent the need for scrolling to access content.

Absence of Diversification

Although well-written blogs can provide your readers with actionable information in a timely manner, you can further sweeten the pot. Diversify your content by integrating photographs, drawings and videos into your content marketing plan. This brings site visitors in droves and inspire them to share your content. You can also diversify your approach by posting variations of your content on the leading social media platforms. If possible, partner with blogs and other site owners to take advantage of SEO link building, which can dramatically increase your unique visitor count.

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Inadequate Commitment to Results

Boosting your site ranking takes time, so make sure you are committed to following a long-term plan for the content optimization process. You should create a content marketing plan that extends across four to six months. Then continue monitoring your results within that time frame. Although you should see slight increases for unique visitors and conversion rates, a dramatic improvement will span the end of that time frame. Remember to check your Google ranking often to see how your site measures up against the competition. If you notice any dramatic changes in your SEO metrics, continue to utilize those tactics to boost your success further.

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Taking a Smart Approach to SEO Content Marketing

By eliminating these common issues, you can maximize the performance of your online marketing strategies across the board. The world of content marketing is always changing, so make sure to align your efforts with the current best practices. Especially as Google updates its algorithm. To learn more about effective online and email marketing tactics, visit the blog often or contact me directly at michaelfox [at] realmichaeljfox.com.

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