DIY Website Builder vs Hiring a WordPress Pro

diy website builder vs wordpress pro

DIY Website Builder vs Hiring a WordPress Pro

Ads for numerous website builders like Bluehost, Squarespace and Wix are everywhere. The attraction of a DIY option for $5 per month is strong. However, can these instant site creators really deliver?  Is Wix going to really have actors like Will Ferrell, Jason Statham and Brett Farve building you a website in 5 minutes.

WordPress is the most popular website building and blogging content management system (CMS) in the world – with close to 75 million websites by 2017. Last year, nearly a third of all websites were WordPress sites. It’s easy to see why, as this website creation tool is very user-friendly and adaptable to your needs and preferences. Plus, it’s flexible and adjustable, offering numerous pre-designed themes, and it’s optimized for mobile. With their built-in blogs, WordPress sites are excellent options for bloggers looking to attract an audience for their work.

Building your WordPress Site

As an entrepreneur, you’re smart, innovative and motivated. Installing and setting up a basic WordPress website is likely well within your capabilities.

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Choosing a WordPress Pro over an Instant Site Builder

If you want to make money as a blogger, you need to set yourself up as an authority in your chosen field or niche. You want people to turn to you for help, tips, guidance, advice or entertainment. A key part of this process is making the right impression – one that spells value, quality, authenticity and dependability.

Here are some top benefits of going with a WP pro to design and create your website instead of relying on an out-of-the box site builder solution:

Better Use of Time

You have blogging to do. Creating quality content requires a dedicated time investment. You also need to work on lead generation and building your sales funnel. This is where your time is best spent – not learning how to use a website builder and troubleshooting website issues.

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Are you a skilled writer? Typos, bad content, hard to read text and other off-putting features quickly sends your visitors on their way, boosting your bounce rate to unwelcome levels. An experienced professional with an established reputation delivers a quality product that avoids these issues.


There are more than 50,000 available WP plugins. So, if you’re not a seasoned WP user, you’re going to miss a lot of the options and features available to you. Alternatively, you may use too many or the wrong ones. Outsource that job to someone who knows what they’re doing and enjoy just enough variety and flexibility for your site.

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When your prospects and ideal audience are online searching for the very services, products and content you offer – they should find you. SEO gets that done. But, do you have time to figure out the often-evolving SEO field, like how page speed impacts search results? Likely, not. If you’re unfamiliar with current SEO strategies, methods and trends, your efforts in this area sure to be lacking. A skilled WP developer knows SEO and stays up-to-date on changes. They’ll incorporate smart SEO tactics into your web build.

DIY site builder services offer startups and sole proprietors an affordable, workable web creation option. But, when you can afford it, a professionally designed WP site delivers helpful advantages. Weigh your requirements and your budget and choose the option that best meets those criteria.

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