Mining For SEO Gold In Google Related Searches

google related searches

Mining for SEO Gold in Google’s Related Searches

Looking for a business idea? Still haven’t nailed down a side hustle? Whether you’re just starting a blog or want to start a business online, you’ll need SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of trying to rank your website in Google’s search results. There are a lot of big, expensive ways to do that, but we’re going to give you one that’s totally free and easy to use.

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You probably already know about Google related searches — you just don’t know how to use them for SEO. Let’s say you search for “how to make money blogging.” You get a list of results back. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and there’s a block called “Searches related to how to make money blogging.” That looks something like this:

Searches related to how to make money blogging

how to start a blog for free and make money

make money WordPress

how much money can you make blogging

how to make money with a blog for beginners

top money making blogs

how to start a blog

blogging sites that pay

types of blogs that make money

Google’s related search just told you what people are most interested in and gives you semantically related keyword phrases to target.

Putting It to Work for Your Website

Now, let’s put these nuggets to work. Say you’re writing an article on how to make money blogging. The article could cover topics like “how much money can you make blogging,” “top money making blogs” and “types of blogs that make money.” If you’re not sure which search topic to use, click on one. Then analyze the kinds of pages that rank for that search topic. Prioritize topics that other businesses like yours rank for — that shows you’ve got a good shot.

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The rate of home voice search is exploding, and Google is building its algorithm to match the way people think and speak — in sentences. As Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated during a Google Assistant event, “We want users to have an ongoing two-way dialog.” The emergence of voice has encouraged longer queries, which you’ll be able to identify in Google’s related searches.

See how it works? Google related searches is a keyword research and content tool all rolled into one. Now, use it to find gold with your content.

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