5 Signs You’re Using Outdated Marketing Techniques

Outdated Marketing StrategiesTechnology is rapidly transforming your company in changing times. Your outdated marketing techniques need to be updated accordingly.

In today’s world, millennial’s will be astonished to learn that SEARS was the King of Retailing ranked as number 1 retailer back in 1991. SEARS failure was due to paralysis and the inability to change its techniques. The moral of the story is to not be like SEARS.

Most common marketing techniques are outdated, although some should still be implemented in today’s climate. New campaign tools have arisen over the past few years that make some of the outdated marketing practices seem archaic. Some companies cling on to the “old ways” of doing things, and attempt to implement outdated SEO practices, with the intent of improving their brand’s organic search presence and performance. Some of the tactics worked years ago, now though they aren’t effective as they previously were. So within this article, we’re going to cover 10 outdated marketing practices that should be altered. After completion of reading this, you should also have an updated mindset to implement into your marketing efforts as well.

Blasts Email

  • Blast emails are the epitome of trying to contact someone from un-personalized means. Personalization is essential when it pertains to email marketing. A suggestive tactic would be to personalize the email prospect with a specific message. The more personalized an email is, the more likely it will even be opened and the prospect will engage and correspond with the email.

Blogs That Lack Content

  • I don’t know about you, but when reading a blog, I want to feel that I’m getting something informative from it. A lot of times, companies try to enhance their digital presence with an array of blogs that are general and lack pertinent content. Quality over quantity is the key here. Create a high-quality blog pertaining to your company is essential.

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Saturated eBooks

  • People have a short attention span when acquiring information. Your content should be concise, direct and informative. If you decide to create an eBook, make it short and simplistic, as well as filled with targeted keywords that direct prospects to your product or service.

Marketing Automation Bombardment

  • People like a personalized touch when doing business. Some of this automated marketing tactics have gotten outta hand. For example, the automated sales call that tells you to hold as soon as you answer the phone. Why would I immediately hold for someone who called me? Real people are always more effective when conveying your message.

Purchasing Fake Reviews

  • With the enhancement of the technologies implemented within search engines, they’re able to detect fake or paid reviews with their algorithm. U are better off generating personalized organic reviews. Why risk your brand’s reputation and your ranking in search engines?

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Everything is transient, and digital marketing campaigns aren’t the exception. Staying up-to-date on effective trends can save you a lot of unnecessary spending and more importantly, optimize your bottom line. Outdated marketing practices need upgrading just like computer software programs do. Keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing marketing climate will empower marketers for success. Staying vigilant is the key to your digital marketing success.

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