SEO Predictions for 2018

seo predictions for 2018SEO Predictions for 2018

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a constantly shifting field in the world of online marketing. Due to the practice’s reliance on search engine algorithms, it frequently becomes necessary for experts to change tactics. In 2018, there will be a plethora of modifications. These changes will likely center on optimizing for voice search, new SERP features and the constantly increasing use of mobile devices. Consider these five SEO predictions for 2018:

1. Long-tail Keywords

As voice search grows in popularity, SEO experts are in the midst of a shift. Because people type much differently than they speak, it is becoming increasingly more crucial to incorporate long-tail keywords rather than standard ones in optimized content. This means that content will feature a conversational tone and incorporate more natural and organic keywords.

2. Featured Snippets

“Featured Snippets” provide instant answers to searchers and do not require them to click a link. The algorithm for this feature is widely different than the one that determines the typical SERP ranking. This means that a webpage may not be in the first position but may still be chosen as a featured snippet. It appears as if the featured snippets algorithm prefers lists, images and other easy-to-read formats over long-form content. As a result, many who are seeking a featured snippet for exposure and credibility will turn to producing other forms of valuable content.

3. People Also Ask

Similar to “Featured Snippets”, “People Also Ask” is a relatively new feature on the SERP. The algorithm takes user intent into account to determine relevant information to present. This generates an opportunity for increased traffic while lending an enhanced sense of credibility to the web pages that are featured. With many targeting this feature as part of their marketing strategy, there will be less focus placed on organic results and more on matching the tone, style and word count of the SERP feature box.

4. Mobile-Friendly

With 93 percent of all online encounters beginning with a search engine and nearly six billion smartphones in use, it comes as no surprise that many search engines have altered their algorithms to favor websites that are optimized for mobile devices. As 2018 approaches, the need for a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever. Those who fail to alter to these changes will find their websites rapidly descending on the SERP.

5. Quality Content Is Crucial

While there are a number of changes to expect in the world of SEO in 2018, one aspect will remain the same: quality content is crucial. Although many will begin to feature conversational tones and list-style formats, it is still of the utmost importance that content is well-written and accurate.

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