5 Modern SEO Practices for Success in 2019

modern seo practices5 Things You Didn’t Know About Modern SEO Practices

There’s nothing new about the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But there are modern SEO practices that are becoming critical to success. Using keywords in the body of your text alone isn’t going to cut it in today’s day and age. Read on for five modern SEO practices you probably didn’t know you needed to start using.

1. LSI Keywords

Everyone knows SEO focuses on keywords. As the digital era continues to advance, keywords related to your topic alone are not enough. There are modern SEO practices that are even more useful. Using LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing – keywords are becoming important, too. These are the words or phrases that are similar to your main topic. Users with an interest in your subject have an interest in related topics.
Using LSI keywords proves to Google that your topic is what the reader is searching for. With enough LSI keywords, Google bots can confirm this topic will engage the user. You can use free online LSI Keyword generators to get a complete list of keywords. Including modern SEO practices like this can boost your SEO ranking.

2. Local SEO Marketing

Modern SEO practices can connect you with users who have an interest in your subject area. And local SEO can connect with local users. That means connecting with customers who can actually engage with your business. This is particularly useful if you depend on in-person sales. Local SEO can help you target users who have an interest in your brand and are able to shop.
Local SEO uses geo-targeting and location services tracking. This is great for developing ads. It will help you target only the people with the potential to be a future client. This also means you won’t waste a penny on clicks from users who can’t buy from you.

3. A Mobile-Friendly Experience

The majority of website and social media visits come from mobile users. Having a mobile-friendly site isn’t something you can afford to skip out on anymore. More and more users depend on their smartphones as their primary web-browsing device. Mobile-friendly websites make navigation much easier. Modern SEO practices aren’t related to content only. They extend to website management, as well.
Users can miss out what your website has to offer if you are not optimized for mobile devices. This can turn the user off completely. If you are paying to drive clicks to your website, you want users to engage. Your content or products need to be accessible once the user lands on your site.

4. Social Media SEO

Link-building through social media is another modern SEO practice. Links from your website to your social channels, and vice versa, are crucial. Back-links tell Google your website is established and credible. This plays a huge role in your Google rank. Your social posts appear in Google searches. More back-links to your website are being created with each post. Each post adds to your credibility and your rank.
Plus, social channels have their own search engines embedded within them. Using hashtags can help introduce your content to more users through search.

5. Meaningful Content

If you want to increase your brand awareness online, you can’t cut corners or find an easy way to do it. You have to put in the work to generate real, quality content for your users. The user experience is important. It’s great to generate clicks with catchy titles and effective ads. But that alone won’t lead to success. You have to keep those users interested by offering then what they came for: quality information.

Some websites focus on long-form content while others opt for short, easy to read articles. The bottom line is that whatever you do publish has to be relevant, informative, and engaging. If you follow the above modern seo practices, you will for sure maintain your SEO rankings and see them climb to the top of Google.

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