How to Build a Social Following

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How to Build Up a Quality Following on Social Media

Many businesses are using social media to increase traffic to their website and find new potential customers. However, the businesses that are most successful aren’t necessarily the ones with the biggest number of followers. That’s because quality trumps quantity in every marketing campaign. How can you ensure that your followers are the right fit for your business?

Use Relevant Giveaways

Everybody loves free stuff, which is why hosting a giveaway is one of the best ways to gain followers. For example, you can set up a giveaway through Amazon. To enter, they must follow you on Twitter. You determine the odds (such as 1 prize for every 200 customers), and Amazon will take care of the details. To ensure that you’re getting followers who fall into your target market, you must make the giveaway relevant. For example, if you’re looking for readers, give away a book.

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Share Industry-Specific Information

When you’re browsing the Internet, you’re looking for something specific. Anyone who comes across your social media page is doing the same thing. If you share information that’s relevant to your niche and industry, your visitors will hang around to find out what you have to say. They may even click through to your website and join your mailing list. If you’re having trouble coming up with good content for your social media posts, here are a few suggestions:

– Top X lists of products or services your customers might like

– News of your industry

– How to solve your customers’ most common headache

– Explain what makes your product/service stand out from the rest

– Tips for doing something specific related to your industry (e.g. automotive – how to change the oil in your car)

– Relate your product to current events/holidays

– Spotlight about a product/service/customer/accomplishment

– Tip of the day

You don’t have to write every post you publish on your social media accounts. You can share posts from other experts in your industry, too. It’s also important to keep the number of promotional posts low compared to the total number of posts. People don’t like being sold, and they’ll stop following you if you try too hard.

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Encourage Shares

To increase your reach and find new followers, you must encourage your existing followers to spread the word about you. If you post great content, you’ll probably get the occasional organic share without further prompting. People are also more likely to share shocking, humorous, or extremely useful information. If you’ve built up a loyal following, you should specifically ask them to share your content occasionally, and as long as you do this sparingly, many of them will.

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