10 Apps To Boost Your Social Media Presence

top 10 apps for boosting social presence

Top 10 Apps for Boosting Social Media Presence

If your business wants to succeed today, it’s essential that you have a strong social media presence. Studies show that social media usage is prevalent: there are more than 2.8 billion social media users globally, and 22 percent of the world’s population uses Facebook regularly.

Boost your company’s social media presence with these 10 favorite apps — both mobile and web-based.

1.  Buffer

Buffer is a web-based and mobile app that helps you manage your social media efforts. It allows you to pre-schedule posts, track their performance and see how all of your social does in one place. Buffer does analytics well: it shows how you’re trending, reveals key engagement metrics and lets you see which one of your social posts has done best, in one glance.

buffer social media platform

2.  Crowdfire

If your main focus for social media is to grow your audience, Crowdfire is the app for you.

Crowdfire allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place in real time. It allows you to easily repost and repurpose blog content, discover relevant topics that people are paying attention to, and pre-schedule your content, so you can focus on more important thing during business hours.

crowdfire screenshot

Learn how to optimize your Twitter account.  Follow the right people, un-follow inactive accounts, engage with your fans and followers and keep an eye out on your competitors’ followers

This robust tool allows you to automatically discover articles and images your audience will love, so you can share them to all your social profiles and keep your timelines buzzing!

Schedule all your posts in advance and publish them automatically at the best times or at times chosen by you, saving you tons of time and effort!

Crowdfire is your very own social media personal assistant.

3.  Tailwind

Does your business rely on Pinterest? Check out Tailwind. This app is focused on visual social marketing, which means it lets you manage and schedule what you post only on Pinterest and Instagram.

Using Tailwind, you can create new pins, schedule posts, monitor conversations, amplify your reach, analyze how your posts do — and so much more.

tailwind social media

Tailwind helps brands engage their audiences through Pinterest. They have the most comprehensive Pinterest analytics and publishing tools on the market and are an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner.

4.  Panda 5

If you share a lot of news and articles on social media (particularly Twitter), Panda 5 is the app for you. This is a content curation app, where you can read a whole bunch of relevant news articles at once, so you don’t have to bounce between outlets.

Looking for good stuff to post regularly? This should be your resource.

panda 5 social media

Panda 5 is a smart new reader built for productivity, powered by integrations.

The app allows you to browse multiple websites at the same time. You can check more than one website at a glance with up to 8 layouts.  You can personalize your new browser tabs so you can take notes, add beautiful images, to do lists, clock and more. and have

Distraction free reading so you can focus on the content of an article and dismiss all the noise. It even has extensive search within feeds so you can search in the feeds or across Panda for specific items.

The app has built-in bookmarking so you can save all articles and inspiration within Panda.  Finally, its power features with integrations allows you to access Dribbble, Twitter, Pocket and Instagram all within Panda.

5.  MeetEdgar

Edgar is the social media scheduling tool that runs itself — so you don’t have to. Edgar takes the time-suck out of social media.

With Edgar, you create a library of your social media updates. Edgar can analyze that library, then schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Edgar can then see which posts do best (and which are evergreen), then repost those — so you make sure you’re harnessing your most powerful content.

meet edgar social media

Edgar as an unlimited content library so add as much as you like.  Edgar’s auto-scheduler pulls right from your library so you can shuffle and pause at will!

6.  TweetDeck

TweetDeck is for those companies that want to master marketing on Twitter. This tried and trusted platform is free, and it allows you to pre-schedule Tweets. This can be very helpful since Twitter is such a fast-moving platform. See your messages, activity and feed all in one place, so you don’t have to switch between windows.

tweetdeck social media

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7.  Iconosquare

Check out how your business’s Instagram posts are performing with Iconosquare — an app for both desktop and mobile. This app shows you which of your posts perform best, what’s the best time to post, which filters get the most engagement, which photos get the most comments — and much, much more.

iconosquare social media

8.  Raven Tools

If you want a look at your ENTIRE online image, including SEO, social media and more, check out Raven Tools. This marketing report software can help you gauge if your online marketing pushes are working and gives you feedback on important things like how your PPC ads are doing and your marketing ROI, in addition to your social performance.

raven tools dashboard

9.  CoSchedule

Do you simply want a calendar to help you manage your social media posts and plans? Check out CoSchedule. This app for iOS and desktop can help you stay organized with what you’re posting where and when — as well as who is in charge of what tasks.

coschedule social media

10. HootSuite

HootSuite is a popular classic when it comes to managing social posts.

It offers features like pre-scheduling posts, curating content with tags and cloud storage, tracking performance, analyzing ROI, filtering conversations and much more.

hootsuite social media


Social media is the largest channel for marketing in 2018 and the years to come.

Everyone is living on social media, and brands are striving to figure out how to reach their target consumer online.  It is difficult to track and manage so many platforms and social feeds.

Digital marketing agencies are having to manage many accounts and platforms.  So having the right tools is important to save time and cut waste.

Try incorporating as many of these apps as you can to boost your social media presence.  You will need to gradually use each one.  After a few weeks you will start to see a meaningful improvement that pays off with your amplified social media presence.

Now you know my favorite social media tools.

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What social media tools do you use to be more productive and boost your online social media presence?

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